Peak State Properties is a programmatic investment partner with flexible capital and institutional capabilities.

With our select network of sponsors, we seek to build a robust portfolio of assets encompassing all sectors, segments, and US geographies.

Core / Core-Plus portfolio

  • Yield focused with Year 1 CoC of 7%+
  • Stabilized assets with proven cashflow with proven cashflow and historic high-level of occupancy
  • Highly desirable location within the market and positive supply/demand factors
  • Check size range: $5m-$30m+
  • Hold period: up to 7yrs (potential exceptions to hold longer)

Value-Add / Opportunistic portfolio

  • IRR focused with target blended net IRR of 15%+
  • Value creation via CAPEX/OPEX/rent optimization business plan
  • Check size range: $5m-$30m+ (potential exceptions for smaller checks)
  • Hold period: Target 3-5yrs for exit or material refinance

Debt portfolio

  • Primary focus: short-term recycling of capital
  • Target blended net IRR of 10%
  • Senior/whole loans, junior positions (B-pieces, mezz, pref equity)
  • Check size range: $5m-$30m+
  • Hold period: 12-24mth