Sergey Young

Sergey Young is the Founding Partner of Peak State Properties, a serial entrepreneur, and a well-known investor

He made his name delivering above-average returns as a private equity assets manager with over $2 billion under management. His investment experience in human longevity, digital healthcare, online education, and real estate technologies spans over 20 years, making him one of the most qualified experts in this field

Prior to becoming an investor, Sergey worked at McKinsey & Co. consulting global Fortune 500 companies. Today, he combines his business & investment expertise with his passion for biotech & life-extension breakthroughs: Sergey is the Founder of the $100M Longevity Vision Fund, Development Sponsor of Longevity XPRIZE, and one of Top-100 Longevity Leaders. He is also the author of “Growing Young”, a much-anticipated book on life extension due for release in 2020, with input from Longevity Pioneers such as Peter Diamandis and featuring a practical guide to new opportunities in longevity technology

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